The Utah Bronley Scandal Sheet
The comings and goings of the Utah Bronley's


My son has reached the age of 18 months. For us this is a celebration, because it means that for 2 of the 3 hours we are at church he gets to go to a class called Nursery. In this class he gets to play with toys, eat snacks, play with bubbles, and have a short lesson usually about Jesus.

Now last week James went in and didn’t have too much of a problem when T.J. dropped him off. But this week when Mary tried to drop him off he became very clingy and started to cry as soon as she would stand or even move in the direction of the door. I am sure that many parents have experienced this same thing either when dropping off at babysitters or even in the same situation. We are hoping that it gets better and one of us parents doesn’t need to stay with him for the full time, or even part of the time.

Lizzie is loving the class she goes to, and we can’t believe that she will soon be heading into the five year olds class.

We as a family are very excited to be heading to Vegas for Thanksgiving to see T.J.’s family. We will hopefully have pictures to post afterwards.


So I guess I need to update this since it has been so long since I have written. I can’t believe that so much time has past. I am going to make a New Years resolution to blog at least once a month. I am hoping that it will be weekly, but I want to be realistic.

So here are some updates:

Lizzie started preschool in September. She is attending in the home of our old neighbor and she loves it. There are a couple of kids from our Ward that attend as well and she is becoming good friends with them. She also participated in our Ward Primary Program. She memorized her part and was so excited to say it all by herself.

James is busy being an 18 month old. He gets into everything and loves having the toys spread all over whichever room he is playing in. He still doesn’t eat a huge variety of food, but he is growing so I am not too worried. He has cut out his morning nap so we get too play more in the mornings.

Mary is in her final semester at school. She is hoping to pass her two classes and be able to graduate with her Bachelor’s degree in December. She loves being able to stay home with the children.

T.J. is continuing to work in Murray. He enjoys working as an accountant. He recently took the CMA tests to become certified. We don’t yet know how he did, but he is glad to have them finished.


Hey all-

I just wanted to give an update since it has been awhile since I updated. T.J. is busy writing his book. He has finished another draft and just needs to fine tune it before he can send it off to more agents. Please hope that he gets one soon! Mary is back in school for the spring. She is taking a class by extention in Salt Lake, and another class on-line. Lizzie is growing bigger each day. She loves to watch movies and play with Princesses. She has some small figurine princesses that are two different sizes, and she loves to pretend that the bigger of the two are the mommies and the smaller are the babies. She then pretends the babies talk to the mommies and vice versa. It is interesting to hear her talk, because I think she is doing what I do, and that can’t always be good! James is now almost 9 months old. He is already pulling himself up on the couch or chair, and he loves to walk along them. He has recently figured out how to lower himself down to a sitting position to move around a little more. He is way cute and we love him TONS!! I will have a picture later that I will add to this post!


Last night was our ward Halloween Party. It was a lot of fun. Lizzie dressed up as Cinderella, James was Santa Clause, and T.J. was a chimney. Mary dressed up as Tigger. We enjoyed the normal dinner, salad with chili and roll/corn bread, with lots of different treats at the end. The thing I did like was that they allowed ward members to sign up for a room, and to decorate it how they wanted. Then, since there are so many little kids, instead of activities they just went around, saw the rooms, and did some trick or treating. This way it was a lot warmer. Lizzie may still go out on Halloween night, but we don’t have to go as many places since she has a lot of candy already!

Lizzie as Cinderella, is she only 3?

Lizzie as Cinderella, is she only 3?

Santa in the Chimney.

Santa in the Chimney.





So this morning as we are all lying in bed Lizzie was looking around the room and noticed that there were some tigger figurings, she said “look that’s tigger.” Mary asked, “what is mommy wearing?” Lizzie said, “Tigger jammies.” “What is Lizzie wearing?” “Princess Jammies.” “What is Daddy wearing?” “A dress!” T.J. and I laughed so hard. He was really just wearing a shirt and some shorts, but he had the covers up to his waist.

T.J. thinks we need to teach her that there is a difference between a dress and being dressed, but I think Lizzie knows that, she was just confused because she couldn’t see anything under the covers.


James has now hit the 5 month mark. We have decided to start him on solids. He currently loves peaches and pears. He can eat a full can in about 4 or 5 sittings. We have jokingly called him our little piggy. He still has his bottles as well, and seems to be growing nicely.

Lizzie is also doing well. She love to eat just about anything, she likes her vegetables in particularly. She has also seemed to grow lots. She is now wearing 3T shirts and almost 2T pants. 🙂 We are really happy about this because she will turn 3 1/2 in December.


Have you discovered how ‘life’ gets in the way of everything? You would think since we all like to live life, that this wouldn’t bother us. I have found that it isn’t really life that gets in the way as it is other things. Kids for instance. If I wanted to sit down and enjoy some time alone that would be impossible. Of course kids are my life so I don’t really know how this saying came to be since life can’t really get in the way of life. This would be why it has taken me so long to post this. I have started this post numerous times, and each time I get inturputed by ‘life’. I can only hope that I sit back and enjoy whatever my life becomes instead of blaming life for what I wanted it to be.


“The monsters are going to get me.”

This was a common phrase that Lizzie cried last night as T.J. and I were putting her to bed. She had watched a Veggie Tale movie about not being scared of monsters, but being only 3 years old Lizzie didn’t understand that she shouldn’t be scared, only that monsters can exist. We, T.J. and myself are not certain that this is the exact reason, but it is the only reason that makes sense to us. After trying to get her to bed, starting at 9:00 p.m., we finally allowed her to watch another movie, a Dora: The explorer hoping that that would calm her down and possibly even put her to sleep. Unfortunately it didn’t do either for when we tried again to put her down we heard the same terrified cry: “the monsters are going to get me!”

It wasn’t until we offered to have her sleep on the floor in the bedroom that Lizzie finally was able to close her eyes and fall asleep. Unfortunately that wasn’t until after 11 p.m.

Luckily James went down to bed about 9:45, so we didn’t have to worry about him. We just didn’t get a very good nights sleep due to the hour that we were finally able to go to bed.

At the Oquirrh Mountain Temple Openhouse.

At the Oquirrh Mountain Temple Openhouse.

As you all should already know us, I won’t take too much time to tell you about the Bronley’s of Utah. But I will say this, we are full of anecdotes that would surprise even the most intimate of friends.

T.J., the father figure, is currently working in Murray Utah as an accountant. He is 27, and really dislikes cucumbers.

Mary, the mommy, stays at home to watch over and take care of the children in the home. And has good-sized….eyes. 

Lizzie, who will be three on the 20th, loves life, her family, and is very cute and adoreable.  She also has passionate obsessions for Mickey, Manny, and Bob.

James, the youngest, is currently 12 weeks old, and likes to eat, sleep, poop, and scream (sometimes all at once).